Inflatable Air Column – Protective Packaging Bag


  • Quantity = 100

  • Delivered flat/deflated

  • Enclosed Top cover
  • Clear Bag NO logo

Not all wine bottles are able to fit in the bag, although this product is design to suit standard size liqueur bottle, it may also suitable for other types of product(s). e.g. Toner cartridge, Healthcare product, Skincare product so on so forth. Kindly check your product package size to avoid disappointment.

** To inflate this product, An air pump tool is required. This can be a hand pump or an electric pump. An air pump is NOT included



Air column bag is ready to use protective packaging material design for wrapping and protecting fragile items like liquor products or a specifically designed item preventing damage during storage or transit,

This is a perfect packaging solution for anyone who is looking for extra cushioning supply for their product, while minimising any additional shipping weight.


Light Weight
Better Shockproof
Design to fit
Different size to suit
Different application

Key Benefits:

Save postage cost
Save time and efforts
Better cushioning

Delivered flat/deflated – Enclosed Top cover

Bag Width ~ 210mm (Flat / deflated)
Bag Length ~ 415mm (Flat / deflated)
Bag dimension after inflation ~ approx. 145mm x 95mm x 380mm

Bag Width ~ 430mm (Flat / deflated)
Bag Length ~ 320mm (Flat / deflated)
Bag dimension after inflation ~ approx. 210mm x 160mm x 270mm


Bag Size

210MM X 415MM, 320MM X 430MM

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