• Suitable for home, commercial or industrial use in any climate.
  • This storage and shipping box tape can firmly stick onto any surface!
  • Industrial grade adhesive holding power. Holds out perfectly even on overstuffed packages and cartons making ideal for heavy duty tasks that need industrial grade adhesion and holding power.
  • Packing tape adhesive sticks to smooth and textured surfaces especially on cardboard and carton materials.
  • The packing tape is a carton sealing tape that can be used for home remove, shipping and mailing, for storing and organising household items, but also for anything that one expects from a household multipurpose tape.
  • This moving and packing tape will always come in handy.
  • Check our range of packing tape clear , brown , fragile or extra length
  • We have just the right packing tape to suit your needs
  •  It easy to shop for everything you need to mail, move and store, providing durable and practical solutions to meet your needs.

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Qty12-48mmx75M 45u Clear, Qty36-48mmx75M 45u Clear, Qty12-48mmx75M 45u Brown, Qty36-48mmx75M 45u Brown, Qty12-48mmx75M 45u Fragile, Qty72-48mmx75M 45u Fragile, Qty12 36mmX75M 47U Clear, Qty48 36mmX75M 47U Clear, Qty12-48mmx75M 50u Clear, Qty36-48mmx75M 50u Clear, Qty6 48mm x1000M Clear