Automated Self Clean Pet Cat Litter Box Tray


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– With an easy sweeping system, it separates the dirty clumped litter from the clean cat litter.
– You’ll save yourself money, and the hassle!
– Special ladder design, when the cat steps on the pedal, it can let the sand fall.
– Big waste storage space, can store for one week and for one cat.
– Uses a multitude of cat litter as detailed above

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Automated Self Clean Pet Cat Litter Box Tray

  • Gravity Sensor -When the machine is running, the cat will enter, and the machine will stop automatically.
  • The design of the entrance is wide, to prevent seamless gap with the ground during rollover.
  • Wire Reinforcement Treatment To prevent cats from biting the wire and get an electric shock, to ensure that the product is durable.
  • Structural Design To ensure that the cat is easy to enter and will not roll over. Avoid stuttering at runtime.
  • 12-month warranty
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