When people go to hotels or any public accommodation, They rely on you to get as much comfort as they feel at their home.

Only sleeping is not enough, it should be comfortable and peaceful so that your visitors can give a positive review for your hospitality services. Now, the question arises what can make your guest comfortable in hotel bedding. Every guest will have unique demands, but if you consider the majority, then the points below will be helpful for you.

Invest In Quality Stuff

When shopping for bed sheets or duvet covers, pay attention to the quality of the material. It should not shrink with wash. Another thing, it should be cosy and matching with your hotel room interior.

Fresh Linen

In addition to the existing, always keep an extra set of bath and bed linens in the hotel room. Unexpected accidents just happen to anyone. If your guest is the victim of any such a situation, he/she will be thankful for your extra linen service.

Increase Pillow

Don’t think that people use the pillow only to support their head. Several people keep the pillow around them and in multiple shapes so that they can sleep comfortably. So, you can keep extra pillows in each hotel room to enhance the comfort level.

Pad the Mattress

Mattress pads or cover not only feel the user restful but also upgrade the quality of your mattress without replacing it. With season change there are plenty of options to pad mattress designs.

Laundry Services

The main purpose of having laundry of your bed sheets is to feel softer as no one likes the wrinkles on the bed. Additionally, laundry is a good way to make the bedding more attractive.

Make Room for a Suitcase

Setup a clear space to put a luggage rack or provide a small table or bench for a suitcase. No one likes to stoop over the floor to pull out a clean pair of cloths. Supplying a chair is better than nothing.

Make Sure There’s a Comfy Place to Sit

Some people do not feel comfortable sitting on a bed and your guests shouldn’t have to. Place a comfortable upholstered armchair or side chair in the room with a table and lamp close by.

Brighten Things Up

One of the major hotel decor errors is if there is not enough light from an otherwise nice room. It’s always nice to have light control near the bed so that your guest doesn’t have to wander around in the dark just to turn the light on. Give a good reading light near a chair or over your pillow, if nothing else. There’d be a separate light or lamp next to the desk. A little night light is good, and a bright magnification mirror is truly luxurious.

Provide Snacks to Enjoy

House guests get “the nibbles” in the evening, just like everyone else. Place wrapped snacks, fresh fruit or cookies, and a bottle of water in the room.


Keep it clean . Nobody wants to see other guest rubbish still in the room , Change out the sheets , bins or liner and tidy up.

Help Guests Stay Connected

If your accommodation is wireless or wired, great! Write down your wi-fi password and leave it on the nightstand for your house guests or show them ways to connect up. You can provide a cable connection to hook up a computer. Many people travel with laptops and do work or check e-mail when away from home. Provide a desk and chair and a good lamp.


We’ve all done it- left some vital toiletry like a toothbrush on the counter at home.  Don’t let your guests suffer from a hurried trip and provide all the essentials they’ll need for a nice stay.  Basics such as shampoo, conditioner, body soap (fresh bar please!) or wash, aspirin, toothpaste, and a toothbrush will go a long way in the eyes of your guests.

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