Bundling Stretched Film Wrap




  •  The bundling stretch film wrap is made of tough gauged material that is extremely durable and puncture resistant.
  • The film wrap sticks to itself offering a better cling, making sure to last throughout all your packing, moving, shipping and storing.
  • The stretch film comes , making it easy to unwrap. Bundling packages with the black film is easier, faster and more efficient than tape, twine or straps.
  • The cling bundling stretch film / wrap protects your products from dust or stains, shields furniture from scratches, scuffs and damage without leaving behind any residue.
  • The bundling stretch film / wrap is perfect for safely securing and  small items and bundles.
  • Great for movers and moving when packing dishes or sensitive items.
  • Wrap your products with ease. A  BUNDLING STRETCHED FILM WRAP system which strongly binds your products together without sticking to them.
  • Quick and easy to use with Bundling Film Dispenser

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100x250mm 1.5" Black, 100x250mm 1.5" Clear, 100x300mm 3" Clear