If you don’t ask you don’t get

It may sound pretty obvious but when a customer places their order at your counter , paying the bill or your employees should take the time to ask them about their experience. 7 out of 10 consumers said that they would leave a review for a business if asked to, so simply letting your customer know that you’d value their feedback on your TripAdvisor page can be the simple push that people need to contribute more TripAdvisor reviews. Building up a repertoire with your customers can also leave a positive, long-lasting impression and could encourage them to praise the service of particular staff members.

The little efforts

You can use the finest of tools and the utmost charm to persuade people to leave your restaurant more TripAdvisor reviews, but if you don’t give guests a pleasurable experience from start to finish then it may be a lost cause. Guests love feeling valued and what’s better than getting a freebie or gaining access to information without even having to ask? Providing diners with complimentary water and nibbles on the table will immediately paint you in a good light and post-visit you could send them an email, SMS or a push notification thanking them for their custom and offering them 10% off their next visit. The littlest of treats can make a huge difference and could be the make or break between securing more TripAdvisor reviews and having a better TripAdvisor ranking than your competitors.

Provide a detailed and accurate discription

When a guest knows what they are signing up for, they will be more understanding. Always promise only on something that you can deliver

Promote yourself

TripAdvisor may be the most well-known review site in the world but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shout out about your presence on the site, especially if you’ve bagged some badges and awards. Publicise your TripAdvisor page at every touch point, whether it be on your menus, receipts and flyers, or on your social media channels, WiFi login page and website, reminding visitors that reviews are important to you can make others feel obliged to share their own opinions. Also, if your restaurant features in a list such as the ‘Top 10 Restaurants in London’ then be sure to make some noise about it. It’s no small feat and ‘Top’ lists receive high search traffic from inquisitive prospects.

Send a reminder

I’m sure this scenario will sound familiar. A new customer dined at your restaurant last week, appeared to enjoy every second, said they’d return again and leave a review, but a week has passed by and they’ve failed to recommend your venue and food to others online. In many cases this won’t have been intentional, they probably did want to write up a TripAdvisor review but it just wasn’t a top priority. A simple prompt could be all you need to resolve this common issue. Sending an automated email, SMS or push alert to people asking for a review within a specified timeframe after their visit could be all that’s needed to get more TripAdvisor reviews. It’s also been found that customers are more likely to recall their experiences in greater, more accurate detail within 3 to 7 days of purchase.

Always respond to a review

Always respond to a review in any system. Client feel connected to your brand when you respond to a review. Respond to positive and negative reviews.


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